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mixed martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts utilizes various techniques from a variety of different martial arts disciplines. We encourage our students to compete in state-wide competitions and provide the training and support they need to gain confidence, skills, and strength. 

All forms of martial arts are a terrific way to get or stay in shape, build muscle and dexterity, and self-confidence.

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brazilian jiu jitsu

BJJ is a self-defense system based on the principles of technique and leverage which allows someone to defeat opponents of much greater size and strength. BJJ is focused primarily on effective ground fighting. The goal is to put an opponent into a situation on the ground where joint locks or chokes can be applied to force them to submit. 

BJJ is steeped with tradition, discipline and a code of honor.

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personal training

Martial Arts not your thing? Or are you looking for one-on-one intensity? Vinnie offers personal training programs for men and women based on their specific needs and interests.  Have fun & get fit in 2014!


Flexible dates and times are available.

Call or stop in today and chat with Vinnie about setting up a trial class.



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