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CT MMA Classes

excavation ct

We utilize everything from grappling to boxing when we train in mma. This is a class for people who enjoy working out hard and fighting as a sport. We have a strong team mentality and enjoy what we do.



Of all the fighting styles in early MMA, BJJ had the most decisive impact. BJJ fighters were almost always smaller than their opponents and did not have to resort to bludgeoning their opponents to gain victory. They would, instead, quickly get them to the ground and apply locks and chokes. In modern MMA just about every competitor has some sort of background in BBJ.


Stop down and see for yourself. Your first class is on us. Jump in!


Fully licensed and insured

mixed martial arts


  • build strength & muscle

  • develop dexterity

  • aquire diverse fighting techniques

  • enjoy a team enviorment

  • build self-esteem

  • strengthen your cardiovascular system

  • develop a strong sense of self-discipline

  • learn about an array of martial arts

  • sweat and have fun!


first class is free!



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